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Attitude: A Web Page 

Michael Abbott, John Dallman and Pam Wells 

Attitude is an SF fanzine, about SF, its fans and their various interests. It's mainly about British fandom, but about a third of the copies go to other countries.

While the World-Wide Web is a brilliant thing, it isn't quite compatible with Attitude. We haven't tried to put an entire issue on-line, since web pages don't work quite the same way as paper ones. As a taster, here are some editorials, an article by each of us, and some of our cross-talk pieces 'Stance, Erudition and Scorn'.

If you'd like a copy of the latest Attitude, write to Michael Abbott, 102 William Smith Close, Cambridge, CB1 3QF, United Kingdom, or e-mail John Dallman ( ) or Pam Wells ( ). Recent issues have been around the sixty-page mark, with articles on SF, fandom, fanzines and life in general, fifteen to twenty pages of letters, and a fair amount of artwork. Like most fannish fanzines, it's available for 'the usual'.

'The usual?' 

You can get a copy just by asking ('showing interest'). If you'd like to carry on getting copies, 'the usual' means one or more of: a contribution of an article or artwork, a letter of comment, your fanzine in trade (please send three copies, as there are three of us at separate addresses) or editorial whim. Back numbers aren't generally available - have mercy on Michael, who has to do all the photocopying!

Publishing History 

We'd like to thank everyone - a very long list - who has helped us with the work involved in this project so far. We hope it's been worthwhile to all of you; we certainly appreciate it.

Attitude won the Nova award for best fanzine at Novacon 25, November 1995, Birmingham, UK.

As well as producing the fanzine we're holding a small convention in Feburary 1997. Details in the fanzine.