Subject: That ashtray story
as related by Thomas Perry

The actual anecdote is a simple oneliner, and a good one. Willis was sitting by an open window at the 1952 Chicago convention and flicking ashes from his cigarette out the window. Someone said to him, "Walt, do you need an ashtray?" Willis answered, "No, thanks, I haven't filled up this one yet."
(And I would swear, by the way, that I've seen just that piece of business in a recent movie, or a recent viewing of an old movie. Art caught imitating life once again, I guess.)
And then there's the story about the story. For this I'll quote at length from "Twice Upon a Time," Walt's account of his 1962 trip with Madeleine to that year's Chicago convention (as reprinted in WARHOON #28, pp.352-3):
"Terry Carr mentioned a joke about an ashtray I dimly remembered to have made in Chicago in 1952. I asked him how he'd heard of it and he said it was part of the folklore of American fandom but he'd read it in 'The Harp Stateside.' I was awed at the first but denied the second. Not only had I first, second and thirddrafted the Harp Stateside, stencilled it, run it off and collated it, but I had actually _read_ it just before leaving Ireland again. (I thought it wasn't bad, if you're interested.) So I knew what was in it. But nothing could convince Terry. 'I'll bet you ...I'll bet you $1,784.66,' he said.
"'Done,' I said, so Terry borrowed Dick [Lupoff]'s copy of THS and retired from the conversation. Later he emerged, admitting he owed $1.784.66. 'Good news for Axe readers,' I called to Larry [Shaw]. 'Refunds after all.'
"But Terry confessed he didn't happen to have that much money, so I magnanimously said I would take it out in subs to Lighthouse, keeping him publishing till Halley's Comet. But Terry had the last word. 'Make a note,' he told Peter Graham. 'Next issue, another check square on the back cover. "You are Walt Willis and the price of this copy is $1,784.66.'"