Subject: Starspinkle
as related by Don Fitch

<snip> <Also, I am still trying to find out the derivation of the name <"Starspinkle" that Ron Ellik used for his newszine of the early <1960s. I'm hoping someone at LASFS will know that, too. <snip>

AFAIK, it came straight from Ron's mind. I was there, at the party where it happened -- maybe.. (Ron was an excellent low-key raconteur, and he might have originated it previously (perhaps in conversation with Terry Carr &/or other BArea fans), and could have been just convincingly re-creating it on this occasion.)

Basically, we were talking about Focal Point Fanzines and the importance of anything aiming at this having to have a catchy and quintessentially Fannish title.

Ron said -"Piffle! [or something like that] -- the only things that count are the content, the way it's approached, and the frequency and dependability of publication, . Why, I could start up a new fanzine right now and would be willing to bet it would become The Fannish Focal Point Fanzine within three months, even if it had a silly name like... like... like 'Starspinkle'!"-

He was obviously trying for the least-"appropriate" name he could think of... and, I believe, pretty much proved his point.

If memory serves (my files certainly are of no help) I may have had something to do with at least some of the issues. I think I was taking an adult education/night-school class in offset printing, at about that time, and seem to recall running off (on the "real" printing-press) a ream of mimeo paper with a decoration and maybe the title in (pseudo-) embossed gold ink, which he used for the first page of at least one issue. Quite garish, pretentious, and thoroughly not DIY Fannish, in those Gestetner days, just to point up the nature of the Title. (OTOH, maybe the T.Carr Syndrome is at work here... possibly we just discussed it in such satisfying detail that it wasn't necessary to actually do it.)