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I started this some time ago as a list of *currently available* fanzines. The idea was to send it out, from time to time, to individuals and/or to post it at appropriate intervals to certain (or even uncertain) sf news groups. This is the June 1996 installment.

Reviewers by anyone other than rich brown, your humble obedient servant (also known as Dr. Gafia) are noted after the review with initials of the reviewer in parenthesis: Gary Farber = (GF); Andy Hooper = (AH); Mike Scott = (MS); Dan Harper = (DH). If you too would like to be a Regular Reviewer, feel free to send reviews to me which I will append to these in the next monthly-or-so go-around. If your reviews are not *regular,* they may be rounded at the corners for the scientifictional purpose of conserving both time and space. Robert's Rules of Order prevail at all times except, of course, when they don't; at that time, Harold's Rules of Chaos may or may not dominate. If you ARE going to provide reviews for me, please do your best to provide the same "minimum" general information, i.e., the name of the fanzine, the editor's name and address, means of repro, frequency, price and/or other important information and THEN review it....

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ANSIBLE, monthly, available for self-addressed stamped envelope (on-line edition available at rec.arts.sf.fandom) to US Agent Janice Murray, Box 75684, Seattle, WA 98125-0684. A news zine about fandom AND sf, the emphasis is generally on what's going on in the UK, since ANSIBLE is edited and largely written by Dave Langford (94 London Rd., Reading, Berkshire, RG1 5AU, UK) --the deserved recipient of several best fanwriter Hugos.

APPARATCHIK #61, bi-weekly, $3/3 mo.-supply, $12/year, $19.73 lifetime sub., or the Usual (trades to both editors), Andy Hooper (The Starliter Bldg., 4228 Francis Ave. N, #103, Seattle, WA 98103) and Victor Gonzalez (403 1/2 Garfield St. S, Tacoma, WA 98444); query about electronic version; dtp and either offset or exceptionally good Xerox. Fine writing on a regular basis by a minimum of two of fandom's better wordsmiths (in terms of just the editors themselves--Andy has won two Faan Awards for best fan writer), following in the finest tradition of ensmalled focal-point fanzines--some news, the latest on- dits of the microcosm, more views and regular fanzine reviews (some of which are presented in abbreviated form here) and letters from readers. One scarcely knows whether to be amused or saddened at the report that, in a 27pp essay in the latest FAPA mailing purporting to be a memoir of the late Dan McPhail, Sam Moskowitz vituperatively rehashes the 45-year-old fan war SaM had with Don Wollheim and other Futurians as if it took place the day before yesterday.

ATTITUDE #7, frequent, available for The Usual from ed. & pub. Michael Abbott, John Dallman and Pam Wells (send three copies of your zine if trading) from 102 William Smith Close, Cambridge, CB1 3QF, UK (, Xerox. A well-written editorial, a variety of well-written articles (some on esoteric subjects) by Andy Hooper, Carol Willis, Janet Wilkins, Pam Wells, Allison Scott, Sue Mason, Kari, Bridget Hardcastle, Mary Gentle and Wilfred Watkins, plus a solid letter column. Eminently readable with a good sense of humor, starting with the Dan Steffan cover.

BEN'ZINE, irregular but frequent, available for fanzine trade or show of interest, Ben Zuhl, 2239 Highland Ave., Falls Church, VA 22046; dtp + Xerox;
This is fannish in a mode reminiscent of the old CRY OF THE NAMELESS, or the fanzines of the English John Berry (who is represented with a piece in this issue)--that is, slightly ou of breath, never understated, with an accent that stresses but doesn't overtax humor.

BLAT!, *a couple of times a year*, $10/copy, Dan Steffan, 3804 S. 9th St., Arlington, VA 22204 or Ted White, 1014 N. Tuckahoe, Falls Church, VA 22046; dtp + Xerox. If it can maintain its present quality level, BLAT! will be one of the best fanzines of all time. Fannish in the extreme, controversial, with a lot of inside stuff on sf pros, fans and activities, tributes to Robert Bloch (grandfather to us all), Rob Hansen's simply superb *The Affirmation* (an updating of THE ENCHANTED DUPLICATOR) and then a fine and well-edited lettercolumn. The overall writing level may be a bit intimidating to relatively new fans, since the vast majority of it is simply brilliant. With superlative production values as well.

THE CANADIAN JOURNAL OF DETOURNEMENT, irregular, the usual: Dale Speirs, Box 6830, Calgary, Alberta T2P 2B7 Canada. I find these little graphic zines, a single sheet folded to form a four-page digest-size, surprisingly powerful. All Speirs does is clip out some cartoons from mainstream newspaper comic stripes and remove the word balloons or captions, replaced with a legend of his own. (AH)

CRAWDADDY! New #12, irregular, $4 sample, Paul Williams, Box 231155, Encinitas, CA 92023. The absolute highlight of this issue is "A Brief History of Crawdaddy! (even America has samizdat)" by Paul, originally written for a Moscow zine called Pinolier, relating a critical piece of fan history, namely how sf fanzine energy transmogrified into rock and roll fanzine energy, and more or less set in motion the development of rock and roll journalism. (AH)

CUBE, bimonthly, $12/year (includes membership in SF3 [that should be cubed, but I don't know how to do that in ANSII], the Society For Science Fiction and Speculative Feminism), Hope Keifer, CUBE/SF3, Box 1624, Madison, WI 53701-1624, dtp. A club fanzine, feminist oriented, and one of the best of both types. Club news, articles, reviews, con reports, fanzine listings, letter column--all done as well as it tends to be done in fanzines. (GF)

DEROGATORY REFERENCE, quarterly, $1/sample copy, Arthur D. Hlavaty, 206 Valentine St., Yonkers, NY 10704-1814; email zine on request This is what is known as a *personalzine*; it is all (excepting quotations and excerpts from letters of comment printed, which Arthur doesn't do all that often) written by the editor. Here he discusses books (most of them sf), authors, conventions and whatever else suits his fancy. Hlavaty has been nominated several times for the *best fan writer* Hugo, largely I think because he has a wit that is both dry and sly and isn't all that hard to appreciate.

ERB-DOM b/w THE FANTASTIC COLLECTOR, bimonthly, $22/yr, Camille Cazedessus II, 1447 Main St., Baton Rouge, LA 70802-4664. Desperately seeking semi-prozine status. Well done in its own way, largely (but not completely) devoted to the writings of Edgar Rice Burroughs, with serious and constructive essays, partial texts of old pulps, bibliographies &c.

FANTASY COMMENTATOR, irregular, $5/copy or 6/$25, A. Langley Searles, 43 Highland Circle, Bronxville, NY 10708-5909; offset. This is a borderline fanzine/semi-prozine. It offers the scholarly approach to science fiction and sf fandom. Features articles, columns, verse, book reviews. Sometimes fascinating, but also sometimes deadly dull. Sam Moskowitz continues his fan history *The Immortal Storm*; it was originally serialized in FANTASY COMMENTATOR in the late '40s/early '50s, before being published in a hardback edition, and it was a pioneering work of fanhistory.

FANTHOLOGY '91 is still available for $10 from Arnie Katz, 330 S. Decatur, Suite 152, Las Vegas, NV 89107; it's standard size, 58pp, dtp & Xerox and features republished writings by Linda Blanchard, D. West, Walt Willis, Rob Hansen, Barnaby Rappoport, Chuch Harris, Geri Sullivan, Sam Moskowitz, Bob Shaw, Lucy Huntzinger, Jeanne Gomoll, Mike Glyer, Andy Hooper, Bob Tucker, Vincent Clarke and rich brown.

FOSFAX, bimonthly, $3 or 6/$12, Timothy Lane, c/o FOSFAX, PO Box 37281, Louisville, KY 40233-7281, offset? A club fanzine, heavy into right-wing politics, but also covers sf, conventions, fanzines and books in a surprising degree of depth. Large issues in small type.

HABAKKUK, irregular, $2, Bill Donaho, 626 58th St., Oakland, CA 94609; Xerox or offset. All sorts of stuff here, all of it well done: Memoirs, articles, fanzine reviews, cartoons, fan- history, and a meaty lettercolumn. One of the better fannish fanzines, together with BLAT!

IDEA, irregular but frequent, 56pp, *the usual,* Geri Sullivan, Toad Hall,
3444 Blaisdell Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55408-4313, dtp;
yes to email locs at
This is one of the better fanzines currently published, and it's impressive for being excellent somehow without being imposing--a sit down and enjoy reading in front of a nice warm fire kind of fanzine. Editorials, two Corflu reports (different Corflus), fan photos, articles, a tasty lettercolumn, all impressively but not intimidatingly laid out and illustrated

THE INCOMPLEAT TERRY CARR, $5, 60pp, Jerry Kaufman, 3522 NE 123rd St., Seattle, WA 98125 [note change of address], mimeo, This is a complete reprint, from the original stencils, of the 1972 edition published by rich brown and Arnie Katz, with the addition of a new Steve Stiles cover AND the last eight lines of *Egoboo for Algernon* (which the original edition lacked). This includes some of the best fannish parody Terry wrote, under his name and under the name of Carl Brandon, as well as excerpts from Terry's column for CRY OF THE NAMELESS and editorials for LIGHTHOUSE. Plus an absolutely hilarious piece about the making of The Mesquite Kid. An excellent cross-section of some of the finest writings of one of the microcosm's all-time best writers.

INNUENDO 12, May 1990; $6, 74pp., edited by the late Terry Carr but available from Jerry Kaufman, address above; mimeo. INNUENDO was one of two or three best fanzines of the late 1950's without question--and, in my opinion, one of the best fanzines of all time. Terry had this 12th issue on stencil for a Long Time; essentially it was promised for the Bob Shaw Fund which brought Bob to attend the Worldcon in St. Louis in 1969. Some of the finest fan writing available then is available to you now, from Terry's editorial to faaanfiction by *Carl Brandon*, plus other really high-quality material by Greg Benford, Calvin Demmon, Harry Warner Jr., Arnie Katz, the late Susan Wood, Sidney Coleman, Tom Perry and Carol Carr. At considerably less than 10 cents a page, this is highly recommended.

LOCUS, monthly, $3.95 copy/$38 year, Charles N. Brown, PO Box 13305, Oakland, CA 94661; printed, better production values than most prozines. News coverage of the sf field, timely book reviews, columns, reports of past and upcoming major sf convention and awards coverage. Winner of so many Hugos it had to be given its own "special" award (best semi-professional magazine)--which other zines then promptly began to win.

MIMOSA #18, irregular but frequent, $3/sample, Nicki and Richard Lynch, PO Box 1350, Germantown, MD 20875; dtp & offset; An excellent genzine and deserved Hugo-winner; there's usually something for everyone in any given issue while giving proper emphasis to one of Nicki and Dick's primary interests, which is fan history. There's delightful stuff in this issue by Steve Stiles, Vincent Clarke and our own Roxanne Smith-Graham, plus regular columns of memoirs by Forry Ackerman and Walt Willis, not to mention a continuing series of Dave Kyle's that fits the same mode. Always recommended.

NEVER QUITE ARRIVING #4, irregular, editorial whim, Christina Lake, currently contactable at 21 Sunnyside Place, Belmont, MA 02178, but after November the more regular address of 12 Hatherley Road, Bishopston, Bristol BS7 BQA, UNITED KINGDOM might be the better bet; xerox & dtp. A personal zine in which Christina rambles entertainingly about where she is and where she plans to be. She's on a bit of a jaunt, planning to be at LACon but going on from there to fan centers in Australia and New Zealand, plus some time planned for Jakarta, Singapore and Bangkok before heading back to England. She details what has been going on in her life to lead her to this walkabout, and it's fascinating reading.

NEW MOON DIRECTORY, biannual, $4.95, Eric L. Watts, 356 arpenter Dr. #51, Atlanta, GA 30328-5030; dtp & offset, spiral-bound; Not a fanzine in the regular sense, this is a directory of amateur press associations, most but not all of which are connected to sf fandom in some way. The other apas listed include mundane apas (amateur printers), comics apas, and other-media apas. This issue lists 274 currently active apas, including three of the four sf fandom apas that were going concerns when I entered fandom in the late '50s.

NEW YORK REVIEW OF SCIENCE FICTION, regular, available for $3 per copy, from Dragon Press, Box 78, Pleasantville, NY 10570. Warning: there are no pictures of bimbos in NYRSF, and if you're not fairly literate, it won't appeal to you. It's the best critical journal currently being published in the field, but it won't interest people only interested in [other-than- written] media fandom. (GF)

PASSIONATE FULCRUM, irregular, no price, Michael Whalen, PO Box 55422, Metairie, LA 70055-5422; Xerox. A fannish personalzine; intensely personal, intensely fannish. He already has a place to stand; give him a lever and he might move the world. (Or then again, Maybe Not. But it's fun to watch people try.)

THE PRYDONIAN RENEGADE, monthly, subscription via membership, Gary S. Blog, PO Box 3194, Princeton, NJ 08543;; offset, dtp, 18pp. This is an "other media" fanzine, for fans of Dr. Who, Star Trek, Highlander, Star Wars, X-Files, Babylon 5, Forever Knight, etc., &c. It's the OO of the Prydonians of Princeton and you join the club when you sub to the fanzine. The one-year second-class mailing basic rate in the US is $10/students & senior citizens, $12/individual or $14/household; there are other rates for two-year subs, subs from Canada and overseas, and for first- class mail delivery--send for their flyer if you fall into these categories. The zine delivers, in an unpretentious way, the kind of news it promises and also features listings of upcoming conventions and notes about things going on in their segment of fandom.

RANT #2, irregular, $1 or The Usual, JoHn Hardin, 1733 Yellow Rose, Las Vegas, NV 89108;, standard, 15pp., dtp + Xerox. Here's a real rarity: A fanzine done in the spirit of mainstream fannish fanzine fandom, done well and done by a relative newcomer to the microcosm. No surprise, nonetheless, since the editor is one of the Vegrants, the Las Vegas fan club which after hosting Corflu developed so much excess energy that, instead of fading away, has begun publishing a monthly fanzine (reviewed elsewhere in this column) and publishing individual fanzines of their own to absorb the REST of their fannish energies. Recommended.

THE REASONABLE FREETHINKER, irregular, no price, Tom Feller, Box 13626, Jackson, MS 39236; Xerox. Con reports, film criticism, discussions, lettercolumn.

THE RELUCTANT FAMULUS, bimonthly, $1.50, Thomas D. Sadler, 422 W. Maple Ave., Adrian, MI 49221-1627; dtp + Xerox. Articles and fan fiction, although the editor says he wants to print more essays; a pretty good (that is: balanced and well-edited) lettercolumn.

RUNE, frequent, no price listed, Jeff Schalles managing editor, Minnesota Science Fiction Society, PO Box 8297, Lake Street Station, Minneapolis, MN 55408; impeccably mimeo'd and dtp. Seventy pages of excellent art, well-written articles and memorabilia, plus an excellent letter column. RUNE has been this good before, and now is likely to be as good again-- provided it can get some momentum going.

SCIENCE FICTION CHRONICLE , monthly, $30 bulk rate/$36 first class per year, Andrew I. Porter, PO Box 022730, Brooklyn, NY 11202-0056, standard size, 56pp, professionally printed, color covers. SFC is sold on some *specialty* news stands and has won the Hugo for *Best Semi-Professional Magazine* for the past two years. In addition to news, reviews and interviews to be found in this type of semi-prozine, every four months SFC presents an updated sf market report on the U.S. (and some UK) magazines, anthologies and publishers--invaluable to anyone who is trying to write and possibly sell some of that Crazy Buck Rogers Stuff professionally. Oh, and at the end of SFC's classified section is a lengthy listing of upcoming conventions. (GF)

SKUG #12, irregular but frequent, "the Usual," Gary S. Mattingly, 7501 Honey Ct., Dublin, CA 94568;; 8.5x11, 50pp, dtp + Xerox. A good deal of this issue appears to be devoted to discussing "Apollo 13," the movie, and how it stacked up against reality. The discussion is intelligent, not without wit and altogether fascinating. The substantial lettercolumn probably needs better editing, but newcomers from the net who send off for this will no doubt be surprised at the number of email addresses to be found there. Or, once again, Maybe Not. Overall, another excellent fanzine.

SQUEE! #4, twice yearly, $1 or The Usual, Brin-Marie and John McLaughlin, 247 19th Ave., Apt. 6, San Francisco, CA 94121- 2353,, standard, 16pp., dtp + photo offset. Surprisingly little art for a fanzine published by a guy who purports to have initially been a comics fan, but what art there is is good (Brad Foster, e.g.). Most of the issue is devoted to conventions -- some pretty revealing stuff about BayCon in the editorial, lettercolumn and final segment, and thought-provoking material about Dragoncon in the latter as well. SQUEE, at least on its face, appears to be a convergent point for several different types of fan--I recognize the names of sf fanzine fans and former sf fanzine fans from off the net. Probably worth sampling if only to see if it's telling you anything you want to know.

TRAP DOOR, twice a year, $4/copy, Robert Lichtman, PO Box 30, Glen Ellen, CA 95442; dtp. The emphasis here is on fans and fandom. As good as BLAT!, just not as big.

WALLBANGER, frequent, the usual, Eve Harvey, 8 The Orchard, Tonwell, Herts., SG12 OHR, UK;; 26pp., Xerox & dtp. A personal zine of essays--the editor provides three of the five--that are generally fun to read. It is hard to say that any one is featured over any other, but Lynda White's *Introduction to the UK* stands out.

WEBER WOMAN'S WREVENGE, one or twice a year, the usual or A$2 for a sample, Jean Weber, 7 Nicoll Ave., Ryde, NSW 2112, Australia;; dtp & Xerox, 16pp.
An excellent personal zine with occasional contributors and letter-writers chiming in.

WILD HEIRS #13, monthly, 1st annish, the usual, no price listed, Arnie and Joyce Katz, 330 S. Decatur, Suite 152, Las Vegas, NV 89107; dtp, 100pp;
The fanzine with more editors (24) than you can, or at least should, shake a stick at (at least if you know what's good for you). When they're not pubbing their own fanzines, or fanthologies, or reprints of fannish classics, or handbooks for new fans--or putting on their conventions, or taking over FAPA --the Las Vegrants are putting out WILD HEIRS. Highly recommended, whether the basis be the high quality of the end product or the enthusiasm that is conveyed to the point of being shared. As fine as everything in the issue is, I can for once pick out the best of the issue: Arnie Katz's own *The Philosophical Theory of Fanhistory* surpasses mere brilliance-- I suspect fandom will be talking about this fanhistorical tool as long as, or perhaps even longer than, the microcosm has already spent discussing and refining Jack Speer's Numbered Fandom's theory.

ZINA #1, irregular, $1 or The Usual, Barnaby Rapoport, PO Box 565, Storrs, CT 06268, standard, 14pp., DTP and Xerox. I don't ordinarily review first issues, since far too many first-issue fanzines never see a second, and I don't want any of you who might be tempted to stick a toe in the water to be inconvenienced in that way (not to say losing the dollar or so to cover postage you may be sending in to procure a sample copy of a fanzine). But Barnaby is a regular publisher; if he doesn't come up with a second ZINA, which I for one think would be unfortunate, he's sure to come up with something else, and it will probably be equally delightful. This issue is entirely written by the editor, one of the better new fan writers around, and while purporting to be mostly about zines (which it is in large part) it manages to review a great deal more as well. Definitely worth a look.

ZORN, irregular, available on paper for US$1, 2 first class UK stamps, trade or loc or by email upon request, Mike Scott, 2 Craithie Road, Chester, CH3 5JL, UK; requests or LoCs can be email A short but frequent general zine, about half of which is devoted to locs, with an emphasis at present on the convention side of fandom. (MS)

Next installment, we're going to start chopping reviews of zines we haven't seen copies of recently. That means: Fanzines for review should be sent to: rich brown, 2520 N. 10th St., Bsmt., Arlington, VA 22201.

--rich brown a.k.a. Dr. Gafia e-mail