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Benagil Sea Cave Tour in Portugal

Benagil Sea Cave Tour in Portugal

The Benagil cave tour is an important activity to do once in Portugal. In the recent times, this place has become popular for film shooting. The images and videos on online have taken the global attention as one of the important places to see this natural rock formation. Today, thousands of tourists take Cave Bengali tour. Portugal is a tourist friendly place. You can take a budget tour by booking online with Benagil sea cave attraction. 

Benagil Sea Cave Facts

The Algarve and Lagoa’s coastline is having one of the breath taking sea rock and cave formation in this world. There are also many sea caves in this world. They will not match with what is seen on the sea coast of Portugal. These are formed naturally due to rock weathering. The occurrence of high tide and low tide on these rocks are the major cause of beautiful rock formation. The seawater has dissolved some minerals, and the rock took the shape in to caves. The sea cave formation is a natural process, which may take thousand years. It is advisable to preserve them to show for the future generation. 

Benagil cave how to get there?

You must reach the Algarve and Lagoa’s coastline to see the stunning beauty of sea rock and sea caves present in Portugal. The only way to reach the sea caves is through boat travel. It may take half an hour to 1-hour 30-minues to reach Benagil from the below mentioned points.

  • Benagil sea cave from Lagos
  • Benagil cave from Armaçao de Pera
  • Benagil cave tour from Portimao
  • Benagil cave tour from Carvoeiro
  • Benagil cave tour from Albufeira
  • Benagil cave tour from Vilamoura  

Swimming from Benagil beach to Benagil cave is possible for the professional swimmers only. It is not advisable to do so as the tourist authority does not allow this as good practice for the tourists. This is due to safety reasons, as you may not know when the tide is high or low. The sudden sea current may pull you back to the deep-sea water of the Atlantic Sea. The tourists must not try to swim once inside the Cave Bengali. 

Best Time to Visit Benagil Cave

The June to October, months are the best to visit Benagil sea cave attraction. The rainy season is not advisable to visit here, as you will not be able to visit the caves. The local tour operator will take you the right time as you can enter the sea cave when there is sufficient water. The boat ride to reach here will give you the scenic sea view of the Algarve coastline. 

Cave Bengali is an important natural attraction in Portugal. You must book a Portugal tour package with 1-day Benagil sea cave attraction. When you book online, you will get some discounts. You can also book from the local tour operator near to the Benagil beach. They will give live commentary and safety instructions to all tourists.

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