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Travel Tips: 7 Best Things To Do In Towson MD

Travel Tips: 7 Best Things To Do In Towson MD

The quaint and quiet city of Towson MD isn’t on the list of top tourist destinations, but it does have its perks. The city is located in the Baltimore County of Maryland and is the home of a close-knit community with a population just a little over 55,000 people. If you find yourself in town to visit family or to see one of the many universities don’t forget to visit and try these local attractions:

#7 – Check-In At Sheraton-Baltimore

This is by far one of the best accommodations in North-Towson where guests get the best access to the largest mall in Maryland. The Towson Town Center is directly connected to the Sheraton-Baltimore via the skywalk which makes shopping and dining extra easy and accessible.

#6 – Visit The Hampton National Historic Site

Take a walk at the Hampton National Historic Site and get to see mansions built in the 1790’s. All of the surrounding gardens, farms, and grounds tell the rich and vibrant history of the family that has lived within the historic estate for over 150 years.

#5 – Drop By The Asian Arts Culture Center

Towson is known for being home to several universities which means it is a very diverse city. Take a look at what the Asian artistic community has to offer by visit the Asian Arts Culture Center while in town.

#4 – Fun At Skateland Roller Rink

Immerse yourself in the old-school vibe of the 70’s and skate until your knees give out at the Skateland Roller Rink. The funky hip-hop and R&B sound blasting until 4 a.m. Every first Saturday of the month for 21 and over skaters is so uniquely Towson that visitors must try it at least once.

#3 – Watson-King Planetarium

Head on over to the Towson University and bask under the stars, at any time of the day inside the Watson-King Planetarium. No matter the weather or the time, you can always look at the stars and marvel at the wonders of the universe at the local planetarium. It is the perfect place to find some peace and quiet.

#2 – Bach In Baltimore

Planning to be in town during the winter months? Schedule your visit so that you can watch the winter fireworks concert, also known as Bach in Baltimore. The pyrotechnics are designed to shower the sky with light as music from Bach or Handel is played over the speakers. It is a one of a kind show that shouldn’t be missed!

#1 – Dine At restaurants in Towson

No visit to Towson is complete without heading to the 7West Bistro. The bistro has been ranked as one of the must-visit restaurants in Towson. The Mediterranean and American dishes are always delectable and fresh, it is the best way to sample all the local food that Towson has to offer. If you’re lucky enough to dine at the restaurant for dinner, the owner might even visit your table to have a nice chat!

Small cities like Towson MD offer a great deal of entertainment and attractions, as long as you know where to look and when to go.

If you are visiting Towson, make sure you visit 7 West Bistro! We are on top of the list if you’re looking for the best restaurants in Towson.

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