Friday, May 26, 2023

Enjoy Your Tour Via Ladakh Packages from Mumbai

Enjoy Your Tour Via Ladakh Packages from Mumbai

The more you hear about Ladakh the more you will wish to go to this divine land. Is this your dream too? Then get our Ladakh packages from Mumbai. It can make all this come true.

It can have a barren landscape but its jagged peaks are really awe inspiring and alluring to the visitors. You have intrigue filled in the area due to the fact there is a so much hidden behind this austere and yet forbidding façade. It is nothing but an ancient civilization and their captivating people who are beckoning you to visit them. There is wilderness spread everywhere you can see this beyond the old frontiers. This is its unaltered character and its natural beauty and it overwhelming to say the least.

This is Ladakh in a gist for you. So when just a brief of this place can be so impressive then think of the place in real. Would you not want to leave everything behind and visit this place at least once in your life?Yes, to be prudent you should but the dilemma is how to go when to go and so much more. Just opt for the Ladakh packages from Mumbai and leave everything to us.

There is nothing to worry when we are there to help you with all the details. You coming from the city and used to move about in crowds will find it surprising to visit a place that is sparsely populated. You will be overwhelmed by the Buddhist simplicity and their lifestyle and much more there. We have included visits to the monastery, nature viewing, hiking and much more in the Ladakh packages from Mumbai. There is everything for the religious, to the adventurer, the nature buff, the snow connoisseur, mountain lovers and many more kind of people in the package from our side.

Best time to visit Ladakh

Ladakh is situated in the Karakoram Range of the Himalayas and the largest city of this Ladakh region is Leh. The best time to visit this snow laden place is during summer that is from February to May. You can witness and experience the most splendid form and beauty of nature at this time of the year. Even the months of June to September too are convenient to visit the Ladakh region. Enjoy a bike ride with fervor here with the family and friends or go hiking you will get the best experience of your life ever.

Reaching Ladakh

The climate is always cold here and lying in the mountainous region it is not easily accessible all through the year. The best thing would be to go via a Ladakh package from Mumbai which has been arranged by some experienced people. They will be in the know of the places to be visited and also places to avoid. For the uninitiated and wish to go on their own can take a flight from Mumbai to the Leh Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport which is the closest to the Ladakh region. By road you can go to this region via Srinagar or Manali. Either you can take a bus, car or a taxi to reach here by road.

Enjoy your trip. Pack only the necessities and don’t forget to carry your woolen.

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