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Gami Chicken & Beer, A Perfect Match For You And Your Friends!

Gami Chicken & Beer, A Perfect Match For You And Your Friends!

Gami Chicken & Beer is one of the most popular Korean fried chicken restaurant. They believe that anything can be fixed with a good fried chicken, a beer, and the company of your friends. Instead of drinking to your heart’s content, why not visit this amazing restaurant and check out why their fried chicken is the best of the best. Beer is best suited with fried chicken because its bitterness and carbonation can help refresh your palate between your bites with your preferred chicken flavor.

But why does Korean taste so good?

Even in Australia,  Korean-style fried chicken began to be the people’s preference. Korean restaurants began to appear and letting people taste their amazing fried chicken recipes and other Korean cuisines. If you want to know more about Gami Chicken & Beer, visit today and find out why they are the best. In the meantime, here are the reasons why we love Korean-style fried chicken!

  • In most Korean fried chicken recipes, the pieces of chicken are rinsed and dried completely which is kind of different compared to other fried chicken recipes that we are aware of. What we normally do is put the chicken into dry batter even if the chicken is still wet or have been dipped in egg batter. With the Korean-style, this will make the fried chicken less salty.
  • Oil Used. When cooking fried chicken, the oil is very important. Remember that the better oil you use, the better color and flavor of the fried chicken. What Koreans do is use clean oil everytime they fry. If you visit a Korean restaurant like Gami Chicken & Beer, you will instantly notice that there is no smell of oil either inside or outside the restaurant. This can definitely make a huge difference.
  • Unlike the conventional fried chicken that we are used to, Korean fried chicken is smaller in sizes or they are in “bite-size” pieces. Not only that, the chicken itself is not ‘fatty’. They appear to be thinner because Koreans prefer chicken that is more natural. This means they are not given a lot of shots of hormones to make them bigger. When the chicken is more natural, they are juicy and flavorful compared to the ‘super sized’ chicken.

Why Choose Gami Chicken & Beer?

If you want to try the best-tasting fried chicken in Australia, then you should take the time to visit one of the branches of Gami Chicken & Beer. Everything started in 2001 when a friendship was formed. Two of them became chefs, while the other two became businessmen. Then in 2006, one of them decided to open a restaurant in Carnegie and called it “Gami.” Then in 2009, another Gami restaurant was opened in another city with the help of one of the friends. In 2014, the remaining two friends decided to join in and build together their dream to share their love for Korean fried chicken.

Ten years later, these four friends were able to make their dreams come true. They opened a total of 17 stores and they show no signs of stopping! So if you want to experience the perfect combination of beer and fried chicken, visit Gami  Chicken & Beer today!

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