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Manta Bay Bali Water Adventure

Manta Bay Bali Water Adventure

Bali is an international tourist’s destination in Indonesia. It is an exotic island to take nature tour, historic tour, island tour, honeymoon tour and adventure tour. The Manta point in Bali is popular for water adventure activities. The Manta Ray snorkeling Bali is one of the recreational activities, any tourists will not miss. It is an amazing aquatic place to see the drowned Buddha sculptures, temple and Manta Rays in its actual state. It is advisable to book your Bali tour inclusive of Manta Ray activities to do. Indonesia is a tourist friendly nation. 

Manta Ray Bali Season

April to December is the best time to visit Manta Ray snorkeling in Manta Bay, Bali. During these seasons, the water remains crystal clear. This is a silent bay as the sea is calm. This is not the case in Monsoon season, which is from December to March. The water will not look clear in the rainy season. The seawater adventure sports are not permitted during the Monsoon. It is advisable to visit this place early in the morning to enjoy snorkeling with Manta Rays and other color fishes present in this bay.

Age Limit for Snorkeling in Manta Bay

The Manta Ray snorkeling Bali is conducted by the local tour operator and by international tour and travel agencies. The people above 8-years are permitted to do snorkeling activities in Nusa Lembongan, Gamat bay and Nusa Penida. Anyone can do snorkeling with swimming knowledge. Other must maintain the distance up to the neck level water only. When you book online, you must specify the age of your tour members. This will make sure all in your group are eligible to take snorkeling in Manta Bay. You can also approach with the local one-day Manta Ray tour operator and enjoy this amazing water activity. 

Manta Bay Package

You must check before booking for what are inclusive and exclusive in Manta Ray snorkeling in Bali. This is because; there are three locations to do snorkeling as above-mentioned places. Your package must include all three places, if you are taking it as one-day seawater adventure tour. The package must include snorkeling gears, boat ride and drinking water. Some tour operator arranges for breakfast and lunch, which is optional for the tourists. You can check online for the cheap and the best local Manta Ray tour operator in Bali. The peak season will be full of rush, and you may not get an opportunity due to the scarcity of boats. A boat can seat up to 20-members only. It is advisable to come in a group and enjoy snorkeling in Bali.

Manta Ray snorkeling Bali will be a memorable activity, which you will never forget. It will be better to check with the local and international tour operator for the best Manta Bay packages. You will get some discounts through online booking. It is advisable to come under the best Bali tour packages with in your budget. Bali is a budget friendly place to tour.

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