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5 Best Hotels in Jakarta City

5 Best Hotels in Jakarta City

1. Four Seasons

This hotel that spreads across various countries can also be found in Jakarta. Four Seasons has luxurious rooms with the best service. This hotel is located on Gatot Subroto Street, Central Jakarta, which is an elite area and is the center of business in Jakarta.

This hotel also serves delicious food and foreign nuances. The location is very strategic, close to several tourist attractions, malls and other facilities. The hotel also has an exclusive bar for both in-house guests and casual visitors. best jakarta hotel

2. The Ritz Carlton

It’s not surprising if this hotel is famous everywhere. The Ritz Carlton is very luxurious and is located in Central Jakarta, not far from Gelora Bung Karno. This hotel is widely chosen by foreign businessmen because it is located in the golden triangle of Sudirman.

The choice of rooms offered by the Ritz Carlton is quite a lot, according to the facilities and prices. Residents can also enjoy luxurious supporting facilities such as restaurants, lounges and sports facilities. The hotel is close to the FX Sudirman area, Pacific Place and the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

3. Mercure Convention Center Ancol

This hotel is located in the Ancol area. Usually, people who stay here are those who want to enjoy the views and beauty of the North coast of Jakarta which is one of the best Indonesian beaches. This hotel has good reviews and is in the 4 star class. indonesia beaches

Not only that, for those of you who want to have a business trip, you can also book the rooms here. There is a place like a convention center in it. Local and international menus are available. When you leave the hotel, you can take a walk in the Ancol area.

4. Sleepy racoon

For those of you who have the right budget but want to stay at one of the best inns, Sleepy Raccoon is the solution. This place is known as foreign backpacker accommodation. For your information, most of the people staying here are British and Irish.

The rooms are very comfortable with airport shuttle facilities. It is located not far from the center of Jakarta. International and local breakfasts are also available, with very affordable rates.

5. Mandarin Oriental

As the name implies, this place does serve an oriental-style atmosphere from the rooms to the dishes. This hotel is located in MH Thamrin and is a choice for business travelers. There are bar facilities, airport transfers and also personal assistant services at this hotel.

The choice of hotels in Jakarta is very diverse. Mostly, their locations are very strategic to support your business while in Jakarta. In addition, the rooms provided are also quite comfortable so you can take a vacation or enjoy the atmosphere while in Jakarta.

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