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The Charm of the Red Island Beach and the Terms of Domestic Travel to Belitung

The Charm of the Red Island Beach and the Terms of Domestic Travel to Belitung

Banyuwangi has an amazing panorama, named Pulau Merah Beach or Red Island Beach. This beach is used as a tourist destination, vacation spot, and various other activities because of its natural potential.

Another name for this beach is Ringin Pintu Beach. Only local residents are familiar with that name. Meanwhile, visitors from outside are more familiar with Pulau Merah Beach, where this name comes from the hill that stands near the beach.

Red Island Beach Attractions

As a beach with beautiful panoramic views, tourists are not only allowed to stare at the existing scenery. They are also interested in visiting this beach because of its diverse attractions. Some of these interesting points are as follows.

1. Experience the Beach Panorama

With the hill that makes this beach called Red Island Beach, the beach panorama spoils the eyes of tourists. We can only reach Red Island on foot. The stretch of reddish-white sand is spread with a total length of about 3 km.

Beaches with reddish sand like this are rare. The texture is soft and smooth, so it is not dangerous for children. There are umbrellas and chairs for tourists to enjoy the waves on the beach.

2. Enjoying the Fishing Spot

Visiting this beach will be the right choice for tourists who likes fishing. The waters on the edge of Banyuwangi’s pink beach have several fishing spots. In addition to fishing on the beach, you can also rent fishing boats to find the best spots.

However, to enjoy this one activity, make sure all fishing equipment to bait has been provided from home. This beach is not yet available for fishing equipment rental services or traders who sell them.

3. Segara Temple

Not far from Red Island Beach, you can find the Segara Temple that is still actively used as a place of worship for Hindus. Every year a religious ceremony is held, where visitors can participate in witnessing the procession of several ceremonies, such as Mekiyis, Melasti, etc.

Even though it is located in pink beach Banyuwangi, Segara Temple makes the beach atmosphere similar to the beaches in Bali. So, tourists who have never stepped foot in Bali can feel the existence of a temple near Red Island Beach with a similar feel.

Travel to Belitung

The government implements the latest policies, loosening conditions for domestic travelers without evidence of antigen testing or PCR to restore the tourism sectors. Because of this convenience, traveling from Jakarta to Belitung can be done more easily under new conditions.

You can visit tourist destinations in Belitung by showing proof of the second dose of the vaccine and the complete booster dose. So, planning a tour, both to Banyuwangi and Belitung, will not be as difficult as it used to be.

Both Red Island Beach in Banyuwangi and tourist destinations in Belitung have their beauties in their panoramas. However, because the Covid-19 pandemic is still not over yet, then we must continue to apply health protocols when visiting.

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