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Desert Camping Safety Tips

Desert Camping Safety Tips

Camping in the desert seems like a great idea. However, it only makes sense if it is safe and fun. Before booking your trip to camp in the desert, make sure you understand how best to keep yourself safe to enjoy the experience. Below are some things you should bear in mind every time you plan a camping trip in the desert.

Be Careful with How you Use Fire

Camping enthusiasts know that campfires are an integral part of fanfare when camping. However, it would help to exercise caution when lighting a fire in the desert because unattended fires can be highly destructive. Consider small details such as the direction the wind will be blowing, as well as the smoke’s direction.

Besides causing fires, you do not want your items to be smoky. Do not leave fires unattended overnight. Once you have finished with all the campfire fun-fare or when done cooking, it’s always best that you put the fire completely out. It can get cold in the desert at night, and you may be tempted to keep a fire going to stay warm. Instead, find alternative ways to keep warm and avoid the harsh cold of the desert night by using a RIO camping cot. Adding a sleeping bag will ensure a warm cozy night’s sleep off the cold hard desert ground. 

Understand the Wildlife before Heading Out

The last thing you want is to be attacked by a wild animal in the desert. This can be disastrous and may not end well. As a rule, make sure to find out and understand which animals you are likely to encounter in the desert and know if they are safe to be around. You can ask the locals, relevant authorities, or campsite organizers what to expect and how to deal with animals in case of an encounter. It would be best if you had an idea of how to react and not provoke the wild animals further to a point where you jeopardize your safety.

Watch Out for Obstacles

Do not assume anything about camping in the desert, no matter how experienced you are. Each place comes with new challenges and should be approached differently. Whenever you go camping in the desert, make sure to check out potential obstacles that could lead to injury. Injuries hinder your camping experience as it slows you down, especially if you intend to go on hikes. However, knowing what obstacles to expect will prepare you in advance and ensure you avoid as many obstacles as possible. Make sure to pack a first aid kit to help you deal with emergencies if they happen.

Carry More Water

One of the major risks of camping in the desert is dehydration. There is a high likelihood that you will feel more thirsty than usual. It is always good to bring extra water because you will need it. Whether you want to drink or wash your face, water will always be a valuable asset in the desert.

Pack the Right Clothes and Footwear

The desert environment can be very tricky. It gets sweltering hot during the day, depending on what time of year it is, with temperatures dropping drastically at night. This means that you should pack appropriate clothes for the day and night. You also want to bring footwear resistant to scorpions and cacti since you are likely to step on this a lot. Check out packing guides for desert trips to be safe.

Bring a solid travel pillow with you that keeps you cool and supports you head. Buy one online or at shops like REI, Walmart, etc.

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