Friday, September 29, 2023

6 Vacation Tips to GWK: The Well-known Bali Tourism Icon 

Starting to open in 2018, the Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) Statue began to be known as one of the tourist icons on the island of the Gods, Bali. As one of Asia’s tallest statues, the GWK Statue has become more global. If you intend to visit a tourist attraction in Bukit Ungasan Jimbaran, Bali Province, you must make extra preparations to explore all its beauty.

Tips for A Visit to GWK

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began to subside, people now choose to travel to the open area. GWK is one of those places. But, it will be safer and more fun when you follow the following tips.

  • Survey of Tour Show Schedules There

To be able to enjoy all the rides that are there, complete with art performances provided, you must survey the latest information about the show schedule and all the passages there.

Don’t forget to look for information about the schedule for opening and closing the tourist location, the safest and most convenient route to the area to the floor plan of the leading tourist destination in Bali.

  • Wear Comfortable Outfits

Since most of the exciting tourist spots there are outdoors, including dance performances and others, you need to adjust your outfit to stay comfortable while you are there.

For example, wear a shirt that absorbs sweat that is not too thick. Then flat shoes or sandals are comfortable to wear because you will be walking a lot from one place to another. Also, bring glasses, an umbrella, and a hat to protect sensitive areas on your face.

  • Bring Enough Cash

When checking the location via the internet or other media, you should also know the current admission price and ride tickets, including art performances. To be able to prepare sufficient funds without having to go back and forth to the ATM to take money because it turns out to be lacking.

  • Bring Your Supplies and Trash Bag

We recommend you bring additional supplies and your trash bags, including refreshing drinks, so you won’t feel thirsty. If the supplies run out and there are traces of the package left, store it in the trash bag you brought. Do not throw your trash carelessly in tourist areas.

  • Bring Your Camera

Complementary to the trip, don’t forget to bring your camera. If you only use a phone camera, ensure you have enough memory and get a spare battery or power bank. The reason is that many photographic spots are available to be captured.

  • Follow the rules that apply at GWK.

As a general tourist location that foreign tourists can visit, there may be questions about whether the can the UK travel to Bali and also tourists from other countries. The answer is that you can, as long as you follow all the rules in the tourist area. This rule is the same for all tourists, both local and international.

Are you ready for a long trip to GWK? Applying the tips above will give you a memorable and beautiful journey to remember.

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