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Here’s How To Make Air Travel More Enjoyable

Here’s How To Make Air Travel More Enjoyable

Any plane ride can be stressful. But, when you are prepared and you know what to do, everything becomes simpler and more enjoyable. You can actually have fun when you are at the airport, which is not something many can say. 

Nowadays, you have to go through security checks, rules keep changing, seats are smaller, and air travel as a whole is no longer fun. Basically, flying can be a completely miserable experience. But, with the following tips, you can make everything much more enjoyable. 

Always Arrive Early

Way too many travelers arrive late at the airport. This can cause huge problems. You might end up waiting too long for the parking lot shuttle or delays might appear simply because of too many people being present. 

The best thing you can do is to arrive as early as possible for your flight. Every single full-time traveler will tell you the same thing. It is simply best to arrive early. Then, you get everything out of the way and you can relax until it is time to board your plane to visit Paris or whatever destination you wanted. 

Take Advantage Of Valet Parking

Ideally, you will book your parking through an online service to only worry about your Cathay Pacific flight afterward. This is already a great way to save time but you can take it one step further by using one of the services that come with valet parking. 

Valet parking gives you access to the shortest possible wait time and you get to do it indoors. This means, based on where you fly to and from, you can leave some clothes inside the car. And when you get back home, your car will be warmed up, even cleaned. 

Always Check In Online

This allows you to save a lot of time because you no longer have to stand in a line to talk with a teller. Airlines almost always have luggage drop-off sections to use if you checked in through the online app or a website. The paperwork is ready before reaching the airport so you just have to drop off some bags. 

Travel Only With Carry On Luggage Whenever Possible

You can save time and money by doing so. And the truth is that most people pack too much anyway. For instance, for a short trip to an area with the same weather, you just need a few clothes and carry-on luggage is enough. 

Also, you should know that Hotels supply conditioner, soap, toothpaste, and shampoo. All you need extra is available in gift shops. 

Be Careful When You Pack

There are things you can pack and things you cannot. The golden rule is always to avoid packing things you are not sure about. Usually, pointy dangerous objects, aerosol cans, and liquids in a container over 100 ml are removed by security. 

Always pack in advance. Then, when you are close to ready, re-check the luggage to see what you can remove because it is not allowed or you will not actually need it. Chose clothing you can easily mix and match. With just 3 to 5 pieces of clothes, you can create numerous outfits. 

Get Ready For The Security Check

Put all you have to show at the security check in a clean plastic bag. Also, your computers should be put inside separate canvases because this makes it so much simpler to go through the security checks. And you can wear slip-ons with some clean socks. As a man, avoid the belt. 

The boarding pass and the passport are the only things you should not put away before the security check. In addition, make sure all electronics are charged. 

Get Into Lounges Whenever Possible

Check your credit card and other providers you use in order to see if you get free access to the lounge area. There are usually some restrictions but when you can, the lounge is simply a lot better than waiting in other parts of the airport. And even if you do not take advantage of some sort of cardmember deal, access is often available to lounges for a fee. It is always worth it to get access to an area with drinks, foods, and more. When you travel a lot, use the card that offers access to the most lounges. You will not regret this and you will feel a lot less stress at the airport. 

Carry Cash

It is always a good idea to carry some small bills of EUR and USD when you travel. They are useful for tolls, when driving a car out of the airport, and for tipping porters or valets. One of the first things you should do at an airport if you do not have cash on you is to go to an ATM machine and take out local currency. Research in advance if this is possible or you need to change cash at the departure location. 

Bring Some Snacks

Flights did cut down a lot on offering drinks and food. This is why having some snacks with you is a very good idea. Something as simple as a bagel with some crackers can be great. The great thing about this is that you do not have to buy some food on a plane. You save cash and you also have snacks with you in the event that the flight does not offer anything to eat or drink. 

Final Thoughts

The tips highlighted above will surely remove a lot of the stress associated with flying. Your travels will become easier and will get everything started right so you can actually have some fun. The way in which your vacation starts is going to dictate everything. 

If you give yourself enough time and you prepare properly, there won’t be much pressure felt at the airport. And the truth is that terminals are nowadays so much better. They include lounge access, massages, and free WiFi. Start your vacation early, get to the airport on time, and make your vacation something to remember. 

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