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Characteristics of Each Indonesia Signature Coffee

Indonesia is one of the world’s largest coffee-producing countries. coffee beans indonesia are known to have excellent quality and many advantages. Almost every region in Indonesia also produces its type of coffee.

The characteristics and taste of Indonesian coffee make the product more popular. Its unique flavour is coupled with its prominent features, so it is widely exported abroad.

Indonesia Signature Coffee: Types and Their Characteristics

Coffee from Indonesia is not only consumed by local people but also by tourists. The uniqueness that is known about Indonesia is also its cuisine, so many Indonesian food are well known to foreign countries, including coffee produced in Indonesia.

Here are the types of coffee from the archipelago with their respective characteristics:

  1. Lampung Coffee

In contrast to Gayo coffee originating from Aceh Gayo, Lampung coffee has advantages in its robusta type. The characteristics of this coffee are solid, with a smooth texture with a strong taste. Coffee processing using the dry processing method on Lampung coffee beans is the origin of why the characteristics and taste of the coffee are robust.

  • Java Coffee

The island of Java also produces coffee that is no less distinctive than other types of coffee beans. The processing method uses the wet processing method with a slightly different taste and not as strong as coffee produced in the Sulawesi and Sumatra regions.

However, this Arabica coffee from Java is delightful because it has a balanced value. The acidity level is at a medium level with a thickness that is not too thick, coupled with the aroma of spices, which is its own characteristic.

  • Flores Bajawa Coffee

Arabica coffee originating from the Flores Bajawa area has an acidity level of medium level, which has a reasonably light taste texture. The characteristics of coffee are known for its sweet sensation and the taste of nuts and herbs. The uniqueness of Flores Bajawa Coffee will never be found in other types of coffee. No wonder Flores Bajawa Coffee is also exported abroad because it has many advantages.

  • Papua Wamena Coffee

The sharpness of the coffee aroma and mild taste are the characteristics of Wamena Papua Coffee. The taste is almost similar to Balinese Coffee with a floral taste. Still, this coffee is complemented by herbal nuances and smells of chocolate. 

The hallmark and uniqueness of this Wamena Papuan coffee is the aftertaste sensation of ‘smoke’ after drinking the coffee. In addition, the texture of this coffee is very soft and has no pulp, so it is amicable in the mouth. So this coffee is very suitable for consumption by people unfamiliar with the taste of coffee.

These Indonesian coffee types, which have been known worldwide, have become one of the hallmarks of Indonesian specialities.

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