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Tips for Visiting Nantucket

Tips for Visiting Nantucket

When you wish to get to a relaxing yet refined vacation spot, then it surely is none other than Nantucket. As people are getting to know more about this spot each year, more and more people are willing to explore this tiny island that is situated 30 miles south of Cape Cod, in Massachusetts. If you wish to have a great summer delight, then Nantucket will be happy to welcome you with open arms.

If you are all set to visit Nantucket and get amused with some relaxing beach time, then let’s get to know more about this amazing vacation spot and enjoy the best time.

  • Months in which you should visit this island

The most promising time is to visit during the shoulder months that is from March to October. If done so the overall cost will not be too high. Plus, you will not be walking past huge crowds all over the place. Labor Day too is just around the corner. You can enjoy staying at hotels at a minimal cost and enjoy some of the best seafood restaurants too. Remember that the months get colder from November to February. However, if you wish to visit during wintertime, the seasonal establishments of this island would be enjoyable and fun too. Make sure to grab your Nantucket t-shirt and get the touristy feel adorning it.

  • Here’s how you can save while enjoying in Nantucket during your holidays

Right from Hyannis, make sure you get onto a ferry which is about a two-hour ride in the ferry to Nantucket. If you opt for Nantucket Direct flights then it could be quite pocket pinching. Steamship Authority would cost around $70 for adults whilst for children aged between 5 to 12 would need to pay $35 for the round trip. There are however other cruises too that charges a bit less. Hence do your research work beforehand to avoid paying more.

In case you have a bike, get your one around. It would be cheaper than renting one. Most of the local attractions are not quite far away and closer to downtown, hence walkable. During the fall, costs are not high and there would be tons of events and places to enjoy.

  • Feeding your tummy

There are some amazing restaurants here even though the island is not quite a huge one. You get a huge array of scrumptious seafood which is the soul of New England cuisine. From some amazing fish recipes to tacos and shrimps and lobsters to munch on, make the wait over and traverse this gorgeous island soon.

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