Subject: To think that I saw it...
as related by Kate Schaefer in rec.arts.sf.fandom

I had to wait several minutes for the elephants to go by before I could cross Fourth Avenue on my way to lunch today. There were 15 of them, all female Asian elephants, walking tail to trunk from the train station to Seattle Center. Each elephant did not have her trunk around the tail of the preceding elephant, as portrayed in classic circus posters and DUMBO; such a policy would have resulted in elephant poop on the trunk of the following elephant.
The elephants were accompanied by elephant handlers and motorcycle cops on either side and followed by a little herd of circus horses and miscellaneous trucks. No one in the procession wore spandex and spangles. They could have been serious working elephants on their way to move logs in the north woods followed by wranglers on their way to herd cattle. Well, no, they couldn't, since this isn't southeast Asia
After the elephants and horses went by, I went to Sun Ya and joined some friends for dim sum. 'Sorry I was late,' I said. 'Held up by elephants. Terrible traffic jam.'